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About Me

In the currently male dominated Country Music scene, Stevi Madison isn’t afraid to step in and shake things up. Featured in 2014 by CBS Los Angeles as “one of the best Singer Songwriters in Orange County, California” and performing alongside Keith Urban in front of thousands at one of Southern California’s largest music venues. It seems nothing will stop the California native from a thriving career in the music world.

With song writing as her main focus at this time, Stevi moved back to Nashville this past October. As she continues to grow and progress in such a competitive field, her drive, passion and commitment to her craft has garnered support and endorsement from audio giant Westone. She also received glowing interviews by Southern California’s media outlets PressPass LA and Locale Magazine.

Miss Madison continues to perform on Nashville stages and all over Southern California’s country music scene as a guest vocalist.

Her big heart, warm smile and gracious nature are other attributes that fans want to follow as her numbers continue to grow throughout social media. She’s a potent mix of Carrie Underwood’s power, Hillary Scott’s softness and Miranda Lambert’s fun attitude. Follow Stevi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to see what happens next.


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